Practitioner’s Essay – Visual Communication – Forming Visual Expressions with Augmented Fashion


Wearable devices have a crucial impact on our bodies since they directly affect our appearance. However, wearable design practitioners focus more on the practical functionalities of the technology, leaving more investigation needed on what kind of visual expressions the technology might enable on wearable devices. With a critical approach on this functional perspective, the authors conducted a design workshop with fashion design and engineering students in which they first created art expressions and then wearable devices by using technological components. This practitioner’s essay reflects on the resulting hands-on design experiences in new visual expressions that would not have been possible with just traditional materials.

Role: Main Co-Author, Design Researcher
Type: Practitioner’s Essay
Journal: Visual Communication, Issue 4, Volume 16 [h5-index: 15] (Art and Humanities Index)
Date: September, 2017
Co-Authors: Oğuz Turan Buruk, Sejda İnal Yılmaz, Kemal Can, Oğuzhan Özcan

Link to Paper

Workshop Structure

Photos of the workshop and the workshop outcomes:

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