Poster – DIS’18 – Exploring Dynamic Expressions on Soft Wearables for Physical Exercises


Recent design approaches of wearables for physical exercising are often alienating the data from its specific experiences and/or limited to conventional display modalities for presenting information. As an alternative perspective, the aim of this paper is to explore in-situ social and individual experiences that activity related dynamic changes on garment surfaces might evoke in the context of exercising at the gyms. To investigate these, we conducted a design workshop (N=11, 3 gymgoers, 5 interaction and 3 fashion designers). Our results provide design insights for further research on how dynamic expression could alter (1) wearer’s sense of achievement via solidifying unobservable efforts & achievements and could (2) trigger social interactions.

Role: Main Author, Design Researcher
Type: Extended Abstract
Conference: DIS ’18 Companion Publications of the 2018 Designing Interactive Systems Conference [Acceptance rate: %47, h5-index:31]
Date: 2018
Co-Authors: Merve Erkaya, Fuat Balcı, Oğuzhan Özcan

Link to Paper

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