Fertile Conceptual Garment – Fashion in Orbit

Fertile is a conceptual garment for space. I designed and implemented it in the “Fashion in Orbit Workshop” in 2017 at Politecnico di Milano. The project was exhibited in “Techtextil Trade Fair”, Frankfurt, 2017.

Travelers on space are disconnected from the nature on earth. While this situation is exciting with a lot of unknown factors to be explored, mankind’s connection to the nature will be an essential motivation for sustaining the life on space. The “Fertile” is a garment that aims to recreate the connection of humankind to their earthly nature by letting them grow plants on their body and being constantly conscious about these life forms. The “Fertile” has multiple pockets with LEDs for letting plants to grow inside as well as humidity sensors that detects if plants need the water. There are also buzzers in the pockets that when the plants are in need of water, they notify the wearer by creating vibrations.

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