Designing Fashionable Wearables

Focuses on design of fashionable wearables. Introduction to key concepts and theories related to design of wearables. Comprehension of basic practical skills on fashion materials (i.e. textiles), on production techniques (i.e. sewing) and on electronic prototyping (i.e. Arduino). Examination of these concepts, theories and skills through designing a “Fashionable Wearable”.

PHASE 1: Comprehension of Fashionable Wearable Design (Week 1-4)
In this phase, the students will understand the basic considerations about designing wearables, fashion materials (i.e. textiles) & production techniques (i.e. knitting) together with electronic prototyping.
Week 1
Brief History of Wearables & Design Considerations
Week 2
Fashion Design, Materials & Production Techniques
Class Exercise: Making a arm-band
Week 3
Computers as Design Materials: Sewing Electronics
Class Exercise: Implementing lights & vibrations on the arm-band
Week 4
Computers as Design Materials: Interactive Arm-Band
Class Exercise: Implementing lights & vibrations on the arm-band

PHASE 2: Designing a Fashionable Wearable for Physical Exercises (Week 5-14):
The students will design a soft fashionable wearable for Physical Exercises transferring their knowledge from the previous weeks. They will define a use-case for their wearable, create a video-sketch and prototype their ideas.
Week 5
Defining the Problem
Class Exercise: Brain-storming use-cases and problems related to the use cases
HW: Interviews
Week 6
Defining the Problem & Ideation
Class Exercise: Making sense of the interview results
HW: Mood boards

Week 7
Class Exercise: Brainstorming ideas for wearables
HW: Concept Posters
Week 8
Proposal for Implementation Plan
Class Exercise: Choosing a concept and detailing implementation plan

Spring Break

Week 10
Prototyping the Wearable
Class Exercise: Creating a low-fidelity prototype to experience it on the body
Week 11
Prototyping the Wearable 2
Class Exercise: Iterating the prototype with working mechanisms
Week 12
Prototyping the Wearable 3
Class Exercise: Iterating the prototype with working mechanisms and final look
Week 13
Class Exercise: Creating a video-sketch for the use cases with the prototype
Week 14
Iterations on the VideoSketch & Poster Design
Class Exercise: Implementation of a sample interactive material illustrating how it works.

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